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Volunteers are vital to the Prescott Area Habitat for Humanity. Their contributions allow us to provide interest-free mortgages to Habitatdonate-vol families. They provide the skills and labor to construct homes, serve on our committees and our board of directors, assist us in our office and ReStore, and act as our ambassadors at public events.

Our volunteers efforts are greatly appreciated, and they know that they are helping to eliminate poverty housing conditions in our community. Make a difference in your life and those in need of safe, affordable housing. Volunteer today!

Volunteers are needed for:

Volunteers are needed at the ReStore to help unload donations, clean merchandise, put merchandise out on the floor and help customers. Also, volunteers of all skill levels are needed for construction.

Construction Committee - The Construction Committee is compiled of Habitat Board Members, Employees and other interested Habitat volunteers. The primary functions of the committee are to create house plan designs, concur on construction material, volunteer, and tool needs, organize the process of connecting home applicants, lots and house designs, and to plan future home, and/or, housing projects.

Resource Development Committee - committee ensures that an appropriate resource development strategy is created and implemented. The committee’s job is to establish policies to guide resource generation, develop a resource strategy, and implement the strategy.

ReStore Committee - oversees and is responsible for the general operation of the ReStore, makes recommendations to the Executive Director, provides guidance and assistance to the ReStore Manager and serves as the liaison between the ReStore and the Board.

Faith Relations Committee - Relationships with churches are vital to the success of Prescott Area Habitat for Humanity. Partnerships are made with both small and large churches in the area to find and gain, exposure to the community, volunteers and monetary donations for PAHH, often by sponsoring homes or parts of projects. This committee should consist of people who are energetic, enthusiastic, and will seek out church partners and strengthen our interactions.

Public Information Committee - members must be well informed about Habitat For Humanity and its mission, develop a public information plan and implement this plan through press releases, public service announcements, and other methods. Develop and distribute brochures and a newsletter, work closely with the Resource Development Committee and maintain the PAHH website content.

Nominating Committee - members are confirmed by a vote of the Board and exclude PAHH employees. Duties include establishing criteria for Board membership and retention, maintaining lists of potential nominees to the Board, provide recommendations for Board vacancies and officers of the Board, advise the Board Chair on appointments of Committee Chairs, recommend persons to serve as members of the Board of Advisors and generally advise the Chair and Board of Directors on board size, composition, committee structure and provide professional support.

Family Selection Committee - screens the applicants who will become partners with Prescott Area Habitat for Humanity. The committee explains the policies and procedures to the applicant. Then a member of the committee will visit and observe the applicants in their homes and report the conditions of the applicant's housing to the committee. The committee then makes the final recommendation as to whether or not to accept the applicant.

Family Partnership Committee
- mentors the partner families through the "sweat equity" process and through their first year in their new home. Each homeowner is assigned to a committee member. The committee member offers support and friendship, keeps the family on track, and is a resource for the family through this time of change. This committee is always in need of caring, problem-solving members to facilitate this transition period.

Finance Committee
- ensures the organization’s financial stability by providing oversight across all areas of the organization.

Safety Training

A Safety Training meeting is required prior to Volunteering for PAHH. Topics discussed in Safety Meetings cover Office, Store, and Construction Safety.

Call or email us to get involved:

928-445-8003 x 14

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Your donations will help working, low-income families escape poverty housing conditions. Thank you!donate



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