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Individuals will be considered for a Habitat home if their present housing is inadequate, and if they are unable to qualify for a conventional home loan.
Homes may be considered inadequate if there are problems with the structure, water, electrical service or heating system. There is additional consideration according to the number, ages, and gender of children in comparison to the number of bedrooms in the present home. In addition, the amount of monthly income currently spent on housing is taken into account.

Habitat Homeownership 2018 Information Meeting Dates: Future dates will be posted here.

Please call 928.445.8003 for more information.



Video: "Building a Dream," three Prescott Area Habitat for Humanity families portrayed.





Are you ABLE TO PAY a monthly Mortgage?

If individuals are approved for Habitat homes they will be buying the home from PAHH.  Habitat home loans are interest free and are for up to 30 years.  Therefore, the ability to pay a monthly mortgage must be shown. The mortgage will include the principle payment, real estate taxes, insurance, and a mortgage service fee.  In addition, a down payment of approximately $1000 will be necessary at time of closing.  
PAHH will help families to determine if the mortgage payment will jeopardize the ability to meet other family financial expenses.  Budgeting help is also available to help determine eligibility.  Individuals will be required to openly and fully discuss their financial situation with a Habitat interviewer.




If your income is within this range, you may be considered to become a Habitat applicant. Income Income guidelines may change annually.


See our Family Selection Criteria Brochure here.


Families selected for a Habitat home are required to complete a minimum of 250 hours (if 1 adult in family) or 500 hours (2 adults) of sweat equity. 
Sweat equity is families’ help in constructing homes, and may include clearing land, helping with construction, painting, making phone calls, providing food for volunteers, cleaning up the job site, volunteering at the Habitat ReStore, or other approved activities. Friends and relatives can contribute up to 75 (if 1 adult) or 150 (if 2 adults) of the hours by joining in the work. Partnership also includes a Family Partner. From the time individuals are selected, and as they build and move into their home, a member of the Family Partnership Committee will maintain an ongoing relationship with them.

donateYour donations will help working, low-income families escape poverty housing conditions. Thank you!

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